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Give blood, make a difference today

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Two of the major reasons why the Malawi Blood Transfusion Service is struggling to attract donors is firstly donors being concerned about safety and secondly people not knowing where to where to go or what to expect. Below is a step by step guide of exactly what to expect and why it is safe to give blood in Malawi. Click here to find out where to give blood.

GIVE BLOOD: It doesn’t matter where you give it - the need for blood is global but more pronounced in developing countries. You could encourage your friends and family to join you. Please send us a photo if you donate
in Malawi.

Do something great. Give blood. Save a life.
It might even be yours.

The Kuluka Team donate blood for Malawi

A step by step process

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Your first experience is being greet by friendly and professional staff. You’d then be taken to the waiting room where you’d be given the opportunity to sit down, relax and complete your consent form.

There is an information leaflet that explains what you are about to do, and it
is helpful to read it prior to completing the consent form.

The form asks questions about your general health, regular medications, and importantly allows you to formally give permission to the MBTS to proceed
with your donation.

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When it is your turn - and unfortunately you will not be waiting long - you will be called through to the health check station. At this check the nurse will weigh you and take your blood pressure. They will also do a finger prick test to check your haemoglobin is high enough for you to donate.

They are incredibly welcoming, professional, and the painless finger prick test
is performed on your thumb, which is cleaned with an alcohol wipe by a nurse wearing clean gloves.

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This is probably the most important step and one taken seriously by the MBTS to ensure your safety and the potential receipient’s safety. You will be given the opportunity to be tested for blood borne viruses - Heptitus B, Hepatitus C, HIV, as well as Malaria.

It is important to understand that the MBTS cannot and do not run a service for blood testing, these tests are just to ensure the safety of the blood. The test is entirely confidential.

During this time an unopened sterile pack will be opened in front of you containing your empty blood bag attached to a clean needle. These packs are all pre-formed for use by the MBTS only.

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You then make your way to the donation room - where hopefully family, friends, and colleagues are either comfortably donating or reassuring you. You sit on a large reclining comfortable donation chair. You have your own nurse who kindly asks you which arm you wish to donate from. She then dons a new set of gloves, opens a new alcohol wipe and applies a tourniquette to your arm, and gives you a soft ball to squeeze. She cleans your vein and tells you it won’t hurt. It’s true, it doesn’t. One of the donors with the Kuluka team had to ask if the needle was in, a minute after it had been! You squeeze the ball repetitively. The bag fills up. It is weighed to exactly 535mg of blood. You are offered a drink, and while you are donating the nurse will tell you what to avoid in the next 24 hours - alcohol, strenuous exercise - and what specifically to do - drink water and send us a photo too. Thank you for saving a life !

For more information about blood donation visit theMBTS FAQ page.