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Climbing mountains for increased blood donation in Malawi

Saentis Classic Bicycle Tour

On the 3rd of June 2018, Augustine Mzumara one of the Kuluka Trustees will be taking part in the Säntis Classic, an annual bicycle challenge that covers a 130km and has an elevation increase of 1,800m. This is certainly a tour that needs preparation for. Augustine is taking part in the bicycle tour in support of Kuluka's activities to raise awareness and increase education in relation to blood donation in Malawi.

In Malawi, like in many countries, having a sufficient supply of blood in hospitals to treat surgical patients such as mothers giving birth or accident victims remains a challenge. This is further exacerbated locally in Malawi by superstition and lack of knowledge how safe the blood donation procedure is and how the blood will be used for transfusions. You can learn more about some of the challenges faced by local individuals and communities by reading some of the articles on the Kuluka website written by Kuluka volunteer Davrine Gondwe.

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