Registered UK Charity Number: 1136664

Community and social projects

Kuluka has also worked on projects that support social and community development in Malawi, primarily by forming partnerships with organisations or groups with an objective that benefits communities in Malawi.  

Kuluka has supported the development of the Yewo Womens Group in the production of hand-made natural soaps. These soaps are made using locally sourced and grown ingredients (aloe vera, geranium essential oils, and palm oil). Kuluka has helped develop the Yewo Soap project by providing tools for soap production. Yewo soap is currently on sale in Malawi.

Kuluka facilitated a partnership between Mzuzu Tennis Club and Hertford Tennis Club in Hertfordshire, UK. Through this partnership Hertford Tennis Club kindly provided Mzuzu Tennis Club with sports equipment. This sports equipment has attracted more children to the tennis club, and improved the level of tennis played at the tennis club in addition to bringing lots of smiles.  

In partnership with Kuluka individuals in the UK have donated over 350 non-fiction and fiction books to educational institutions and to book shops / stationary shops in Malawi. This project contributes to increasing the diversity of reading material available in Malawi.