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General updates from the Kuluka team
Kuluka Cartoon Competition

Kuluka Cartoon Competition

Are you a cartoonist or animator?

Do you want to your cartoons to contribute to improved healthcare?

Albino Child in Africa - Photo Credit Dietmar Temps

Malawi Community Stories - Albinos At Risk In Malawi

They have their reasons why they do it. They say there are many ways of killing a rat. They also say someone in America said ‘Get Rich or Die Trying’.

Malawi Market

Malawi Blood Donation Stories - Misunderstandings in Ndirande

The loud voice could be heard by everyone in the neighborhood. The pandemonium was everywhere. Everyone was running helter skelter, running from the unknown.

Kuluka and the `I Give Blood Do You´ Project

Kuluka and the `I Give Blood Do You´ Project

Learn more about the Kuluka `I Give Blood Do You´ Project in the linked pdf booklet. This booklet outlines:

The Unbelievable Act of Mr Spindulo - A Kuluka Story

Malawi Blood Donation Stories - The Unbelievable Act of Mr Spindulo

Mzuzu Central Hospital Diagnostic Lab

Top Tips for Healthcare & Medical Volunteering in Africa

If you’re thinking about volunteering in a healthcare role in Africa you are about to embark on adventure where two things are guaranteed, it will be both exciting and challenging.

IFRC Treatment Centre Kenema, Sierra Leone, Sept 2014

Planning for and response to Ebola - Is Malawi Ready?

This article begins to highlight some of the key areas of preparedness needed to prevent Ebola Viral Disease from occurring in Malawi through measures to keep it out (border management) and address

Money isn't everything Malawi - Whose responsibility

Whose responsibility?

Circumstances have taught me that money isn’t everything, despite its enormous power in our society. It is a hard pill to swallow but certainly it is a trustworthy reality.

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Safe blood for Saving Mothers in Malawi

A speech by Davrine C Gondwe at 2014 World Blood Donor Day celebrations in Malawi.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen.

All protocols observed,

Kuluka Blood Donor Interviews

Kuluka Blood Donor Interviews - A chance to hear the stories of people who have donated blood in Malawi.

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